Utah snow: the greatest snow on Earth!

Are you a sucker for deep-powder skiing?

Stupid question, I know. I’ve never met a skier who’d prefer a solid ice, groomer day over a powder day – other than an Olympic downhill racer, maybe.

Over the years I’ve become acquainted with many powder pigs who think their world will end if their appetite for the good stuff is not sated. Aside from telling them to get a grip, I advise them to give Utah a crack.

Humungous proclamations about the brilliance of Utah snow have been made time and time again. Advertisements and powder hounds alike wax lyrical about its light, dry texture. Then there’s Utah’s claim to ‘The Greatest Snow on Earth ®’.

I understand your reluctance to believe such a statement. After all, who hasn’t been sucked in by the bakery that claims the Best Pies in the World?

The difference here is the scientific explanation for Utah’s claim. Utah has the ideal recipe for producing the perfect powder. When cold air scoots across the region’s stunning Great Salt Lake you get cracking lake effect snow.

Utah’s lake effect snow isn’t just any old “lake effect snow”, however. Thanks to the salinity of the Great Salt Lake, minimal amounts of moisture are drawn into the air resulting in light, dry snowflakes and lots of them.

These types of snowflake make for the dream powder day. That is the day when the snow is so light you float through it, it is so deep it’s bottomless, it’s the day it continuously fly’s over your head whilst your pumping out a million woo hoos due to the awesomeness of the run. If you experience a day like this I guarantee you’ll be heading off to the local t-shirt merchant to pick yourself up an “I’ve skied the Greatest Snow on Earth®” tee. And hoodie. And mug and keychain.

I am a proud promoter of Utah’s awesome POW and give their claim to greatness my tick of approval….. yep, even have the t-shirt.

My suggestion: Now you know what you’ve been missing out on, do yourself a favour, quench that powder appetite and get skiing Utah!