Utah Climate


In several respects Utah is a dry state – just not when it comes to drinking, as is a common misconception. We’re talking, of course, about the desert air and the snow.

Temperatures and conditions can change on a daily basis, always be prepared. Pack layers to wear when on the mountain so you can shed them as you warm up or add them as you cool.

While Utah’s weather is varied throughout the year, typically it avoids super-cold temperatures. When white-outs do happen, each of Utah’s resorts have plenty of below tree line terrain, protected areas and loads of places to hole up while you wait out the storm. 

Average High      Average Low
December -2°C | 28°F -11°C | 12°F
January -3°C | 27°F -14°C | 07°F
February -1°C | 30°F -12°C | 10°F
March  2°C | 36°F -9°C   | 16°F
April  9°C | 48°F -5°C   | 23°F

*These averages are for Park City. Temperature averages vary at other resorts and throughout Salt Lake City and Utah in general.