Make Utah your first port of call for all things outdoorsy. The state plays host to amazing activities for all ages and fitness levels.

Natural beauty? Utah has it in spades. Explore the region’s national parks, monuments, forests and state parks. In any one day you can find yourself amidst snowcapped mountains, rapid rivers, and colourful redrock canyons.

If climbing’s your thing, Utah’s landscape will look like one big adventure playground. Meanwhile, the state’s waterways offer some of North America’s top rafting, kayaking, waterskiing and boating.

Prefer outdoor activities of the two-wheeled variety? Many of Utah’s ski resorts are converted into downhill mountain biking Meccas come summertime. And don’t even get us started on off-roading and golfing.

Want to make the most of the great outdoors? Utah has it all.


With thousands of square miles suited to four-wheel-drives, all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and snowmobiles, off-highway trips have become one of Utah’s most popular pastimes.


Golf courses are found in all areas of the state, from high elevation tracks along foothills, staid parkland courses more than a century old, stunning lakeside courses, and famed desert courses.

Rafting / Kayaking / Canoeing

Utah’s rivers offer some of the most incredible whitewater rafting, kayaking, and boating in the country. Rivers, which have carved gorges that, at places, rival the depth of the Grand Canyon. Majesty, it graces every twist and turn, days on end


Utah is the skiing Mecca of the world and home to 14 world class resorts.It is celebrated for its legendary deep-powder skiing, producing some of the driest snow in the world. Utah resorts are amongst the most accessible in the USA, with ten located less than an hour from Salt Lake City airport.