Ski Lessons Utah: Private Vs Group

Some folks believe that, if money is no obstacle, private ski lessons Utah are the way to go. But, as with most things in life, there’s more to consider than the dollar bills, y’all.

What isn’t up for debate is the importance of ski lessons to your safety on the slopes. Professional tutelage will enable you to improve your technique under the watchful eye of a trained [and quite possibly hot…] instructor. This holds true whether you’re a newbie just trying to get your ski legs at Park City Ski School, or a seasoned skier wanting to take things up a notch over bumps and POW.

You’ll struggle to find a Utah resort that doesn’t offer ski lessons of some description. But much like a unique and beautiful snowflake, no two curriculum is exactly the same. Know in advance what you’re looking for and you can hit the slopes, er, skiing.

The majority of Utah’s ski resorts offer group and private ski lessons Utah. The typical class size for group learning is between six to nine students, although some schools stick to five pupils max when teaching the little’uns. Cheaper than private classes, joining a group can be a more social and cost-effective way to learn the basics, or a few new skills for intermediates.

While undoubtedly pricier, intermediate to expert skiers will typically get more out of the personalised attention that comes with private lessons. Without having to keep pace with others, your natural rate of learning gets free rein. Plus you can tackle the good stuff like moguls, powder and tree skiing. Lastly – brace yourself for the sneaky bit – with an instructor in tow you can cut to the front of lift lines, giving you way more skiing in a day. Yessss!

Are you skiing with a group of friends who are all of a comparable level? You’ll find many resorts allow you to book a private group lesson, which makes things much more affordable (and funsies!)

If you want our opinion – and if you’ve made it this far we’re pretty sure you do – a group lesson is a safe, social way for beginners to get the hang of this whole skiing malarkey. You’re likely to meet people from all over the world, which is another big plus if you’re holidaying on your own or in a small posse.

But if you’re one of those annoying buggers who picks up new skills quickly, and you have the cash to go private, do. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re hanging about wasting valuable ski time while others get the hang of what you can already do with your eyes closed.

Whichever you choose, before you purchase your lift tickets, rentals or lessons, ask Destination Utah about special deals and packages. We can help you to save some serious bucks, while still getting everything you want from your time on the slopes.