Destination Utah

Destination Utah knows snow.

We’ve skied the world. Stayed in the top resorts. Sampled the finest après ski (sometimes a little too enthusiastically)


And then we discovered Utah – life hasn’t been the same since. Share the dream, we thought. That’s why today we offer our customers the best. Best rates. Best advice. Best service. And, of course, the best destination. Looking for the ideal ski destination? Utah is hard to beat.

About Destination Utah

Destination Utah: the number one Utah ski specialists. Looking for the ideal ski destination? Utah is hard to beat.

Not only do we know the area inside-out, we’ve also developed solid relationships with Utah’s key ski people. Plus, we’re members of Utah’s Ski and Snowboard Association, Ski Utah.

So, in a nutshell, we know what we’re on about.

When planning your next ski vacation, it’s essential you get all of the details right. Everyone has different tastes, different skill levels, and different expectations. Throw varying ages into the mix and you’ll soon find arranging a ski holiday yourself becomes a logistical nightmare.

Enter Destination Utah. We acknowledge individual requirements. We gather all the necessary information in advance to ensure your Utah ski package suits you, your family or your group.

Due to the relationships Destination Utah has with Utah’s leading resorts, lodging properties, and transport companies we provide super-competitive packages and a broad range of options, saving you both time and money if you were to arrange your trip independently.

Contact us today: we can’t get enough of chatting about skiing Utah and would love you to see first hand the skiing experience that brings us back year after year. Plus, we can save you $$ on your next ski vacation.