Robert Redford and Sundance Resort

By Steve Cuff.

There are not too many people who can vouch to owning a ski resort, but film legend Robert Redford is on that short list with his 6000 acre, Sundance Resort in Utah.

Purchased by Redford in 1969, it is now home to the Sundance Institute which has grown its own Film Festival into a huge showing of independent film makers each January held at nearby Park City.

In the winter it is a more secluded skiing destination with some excellent terrain and in the warmer months offers a very scenic peaceful mountain retreat. With easy access from Salt Lake City, Sundance in the autumn (fall) is a sea of colour as leaves float to the valley floor and add to the ambience that include partially hidden wooden cottages and gentle running streams that meander within the base area.

Mountain bikers take the chairlift for their downhill thrill on the bike trails and prospective film directors shoot footage as if it were what everyone should be doing. After all, the museum is littered with Redford memorabilia and movie photos line the walls and budding film buffs and art and nature lovers have a great fondness for the area. There are many Sundance programs that run each year where artists can attend various “storytelling” workshops.

If a quiet holiday in the mountains is your preference you would not be disappointed here or perhaps take advantage of the conference centre or hiking to the summit peaks that surround the resort itself. Redford does still visit on occasions but as he is still active in making movies he does not stay for long periods. But that is not to say you won’t be passing him schussing on the mountain slopes or see him walking and talking to guests should he be at his beloved Sundance.

The resort was named by Redford for the way the sun dances on the surrounding mountains and not due to the fact he played the part of the Sundance Kid with Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

If you are a movie buff and Redford fan this is the place for you.